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Now, at 23 years of age, after an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering; one STEM related and three non-STEM related projects; four years as a volunteer for AIESEC (not an acronym), the world’s largest youth run leadership NGO; six months of undergraduate internship experience working across the energy industry and one year post-graduation experience in Piping design and modelling; pursuing a research-based master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology is the next best step to help achieve my long- and short-term goals. All the different facets of my life and undergraduate experiences have contributed to shape these goals and inspire me to pursue graduate education.

The major highlights of my undergraduate (UG) experience are one very expository internship, a hugely challenging final year project and a vast amount of experience in diverse fields I gathered through my various extracurricular commitments. In these activities, I achieved success in most projects assigned me. Because of my track record, the engineering faculty president approached me about a STEM related impact project he called the Professor Ayodele Awojobi Design Competition (PAADC). PAADC is a competition to challenge STEM students in the country to solve Nigerian problems through technology, an opportunity to make impact which I just couldn’t refuse. Although I was already committed to about two non-academic projects, my final year project and my school work, I accepted to join the team as the creativity head and went on to contribute immensely. I gave life and structure to the PAADC idea and was responsible for creating its mode of operations and giving the competition the visibility to attract almost a hundred applications among other things; a hard feat for a maiden event. As a plus, seeing the contestants come up with technological solutions to world problems inspired me to want to come up with technological solutions of my own.  This event has grown since and has become a household name at my alma mater and across STEM faculties in Nigeria.

While, achieving the above came at the steep cost of my CGPA dropping to a 3.9 out of 5, I still achieved some excellence academically.In my second UG year, I applied to and got the Total OML130 scholarship, came second in the faculty-wide, intellect competition and got the Abdulkabir Aliu Scholarship. I learned the JavaScript programming language in my third year after enjoying my first programming course. I excelled in and thoroughly enjoyed courses related to design & 3D design; thermodynamics & energy and software-based courses such as intro to programming, AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor. I had so much affinity for them that I tutored my classmates in some of them. Apart from these experiences, I had some research experience in my final year project. I was given a project to create a transport model of snake venom in bloodstream of humans. I had to learn about snakes, transport modelling, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and learn ANSYS with the help of a graduate student at my university. After learning the above and spending plenty of nights and weekends doing research and finally running my simulations, I got some results on the rate of envenoming as an indication of the rate of development of symptoms. This helped get some conclusions on how and when best to treat a snakebite by a west Afrcan Carpet viper, my chosen snake venom variable as it is responsible for most of the recorded fatal bites in the region.

Now, post-graduation, I interned at an FMCG and currently work for an Engineering Servicing company as a Piping Engineer modelling Oil & Gas offshore and on-shore platforms. Apart from work, I still run projects towards societal impact. In June 2019, I created a three-week vocational Skills training project for the wards of a correctional centre to empower them against poverty. This was my initiative to round up my compulsory National Youth Service. This won me a certificate for National Meritorious Service.

All the above experiences gave me different ideas of different career paths and life goals however, one experience stood out. It was my six-month rotational internship which afforded me an experience at the different technical departments across an Energy Generation and distribution company. This internship gave me the opportunity to see the theories I learned in class come alive; know exactly why Nigeria didn’t have constant power supply and see exactly how I could help solve this problem. To establish an energy solutions company towards solving this problem in 10 years is my major long-term career goal. this company would build the biggest and most efficient Gas storage facilities in the country and in Africa. This would be the first and just one of the many achievements of my company. It would be responsible for bringing Nigeria to the desirable future of 24/7 steady power supply. To get to this goal, firstly, after graduation, I would want to get a job at a top energy design company. Spend a few years in a technical role before rising to executive roles where I would learn more about policies and running a business.

As Georgia Tech doesn’t just offer one of the top ten mechanical engineering programs in USA, you also offer a dual degree program where I can work towards an MSc and an MBA consecutively, Georgia tech is the perfect school for me to have pursue a graduate education. Georgia Tech is also one of the few universities in the country which encourages students to direct their energy and training across disciplines towards social impact and even offers some classes this purpose which I hope to attend one of. Additionally graduate school at Georgia tech would afford me a wide network of like-minded individuals from different parts of the world which would give the best learning experience ever. For these reasons, pursuing a graduate degree at Georgia Tech which offers the Dual Degree for Masters in mechanical engineering and Business Administration is perfect for my personal and career goals.


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