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Many are out there who rely on your sincere advice and contributions to make meaningful decisions in their lives with little or no negative effect on them. Here comes your experience in the situation in addition to your Godly background to support the mental and relationship health of this fellow. Kindly drop comments in the comment section of this post. We need your ideas to soar successfully. This is relationship palava!

Situation 1:

A lady reports her husband cheating with a little girl on the streets

A lady sent in a message (anonymous) with a complaint.

Complaints: My sister married her husband when they had nothing, they have been married for a long time now and God has blessed them. Here comes a little girl on the “street” who has recently been distracting her husband. Initially, my sister didn’t take it seriously as she had already known her husband as a cheat, but this time it’s getting unusually beyond boundaries. Her husband no longer sleeps at home but stays in a hotel with the girl. Also when the girl’s mom was ill, he took care of all bills and also got the girl and her parent’s phones. He also bought food items for the parents. The husband has also made intentions of marrying the little girl as he provides everything for her and her family. Now he is planning on opening a big shop for her with no concern for the wife’s shop that is running down. Last Christmas, he even left the wife and children to spend time with this little girl at her own place. He literally fights everyone who attempts to advise him against it.

Please I need advice on what to do. It’s really getting serious………

So please let’s help this sister by sending in our comments and reactions that are beneficial towards a peaceful resolution… We are still on relationship palava!

Situation 2

A married lady sent in her complaint of having the temptation to cheat on her spouse


I am a 26 years old married lady with a lovely daughter. I used to hear that women cheat, but i have often wondered how possible that is. My husband is caring although he has his weak point as a man. It happens that on a faithful day, I met a young whom I eventually exchanged contact. The guy is also caring and nice, especially with his chats.  In December, this guy sent me money. This is just 4 months since we exchanged contacts. He has always been talking about getting into a relationship with me although  I told him that I am married he will never stop. He always confesses how he has fallen for my charm and can’t resist me. This guy is single and will always send me stickers of people kissing, despite my warnings, he never stopped.  Now I visited him at his workplace and we hugged each other. Now I am feeling like giving him a chance. He told me that he would never leave me.  I don’t even know why I am cheating. I planned to visit him soon and I know it’s obvious we would have s*x  because he has been telling me about his good style. Is it possible to cheat and my husband will never find out? Are there negative consequences? Because I am afraid but I want to have a taste of it.  He promised my husband will never find out. 

Please I need your help if this is what do.

Note we are still on relationship palava!

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