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18 Best sites you can download e-books or pdfs for FREE

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18 Best sites you can download

e-books or pdfs for FREE

18 Best sites you can download e-books or pdfs for FREE

Here are the 19 best sites to download e-books or pdfs for free anytime.  These sites contain a wide range of books in various categories from academics, professional, fiction, life & nature, business, leadership and personal development. These sites have been listed in no order of superiority but just to guide you. Below are the list of the websites: 

1.  PDF DRIVE [Pdf for Free]

Visit pdf drive 18-Best-sites-you-can-download-e-books-or-pdfs-for-FREE

Pdfdrive is an internationally recognised ebooks repository covering a wide range of books that cut across various industries. Suitable for students, professionals, leaders and other aspects of activities. You do not need to sign up or create account to use this site.

You just need to search the name of the book and the author and maybe year, then click on the download button as shown below

2. 4shared [pdf for Free]

Visit 4shared here

4shared: 18-Best-sites-you-can-download-e-books-or-pdfs-for-FREE

This is also a good website where you can get pdf materials across various walks of life for free, but you need to download them by signing up for an account with your social media account. However, their materials are top-notch as quality materials are found here. The download process is simple and just needs a sign-up at the point of download as shown below:


Visit BookBoon here

Bookboon: 18-Best-sites-you-can-download-e-books-or-pdfs-for-FREE

 Bookboon is an amazing online repository for your books. However, this software has premium and free trial access to the site. You would need to sign up and enjoy the free trial session after which you would have to pay to access the books. Read more on : 18-Best-sites-you-can-download-e-books-or-pdfs-for-FREE below

4. World Reader [pdf for free]

Visit World Reader here


Worldreader is also a platform where parents can always subscribe to get books for their children. In their words “When children read regularly, they grow up to be better educated adults with higher earning potential and stronger emotional intelligence. The future is bright when we get children reading.”

This site best looks at children’s education, earning potential and emotional intelligence. Parents may consider these vital areas to groom their children in.

5. Bookfi [pdf for free]

Visit Bookfi here


Bookfi is a wonderful bok store online. However, is a third-party site that links you to repositories and journals where your searches may show up.  Some of the redirected websites maybe free while some are premium.

6. Christian Book

Visit Christian Book here

Christian Books

This online library deals with different kinds of Christian materials ranging from the holy bible to books on churches, academics and other aspects.

7. Obooko

Visit Obooko here

Obooko: 18-Best-sites-you-can-download-e-books-or-pdfs-for-FREE

Oboko is one of the few free ebook site I consider so amazing and easy to use. It contains varieties of books across fictions, factuals, tales and other genres. It is super fast and easy to download books and their user experience is excellent. 

You just have to select any book of choice and scroll down below to the point of “select” as shown below:

Click on select and choose the format of download you want. Once you choose it, it downloads automatically. YUUUUPP!!!! Amazing right? I hope this saved you much time. Now lets talk about other libraries further.

8.  Many Books

Visit Many Books here

Many Books

This is another most wonderful vast containing online free ebook library . The books are 100% free to use as well as offering you easy access to downloading. However, downloading books on this website will require you signing up with your email account. The books are acrsso wide Genres as shown below:

9. Booyards

Visit Booyards here


Bookyards is another online library, that provides you with varieties of ebooks to select from. Books are easy to download and do not require you to sign up. It could be for most people, one of the best options for getting free books online. There are over 24,000 ebooks currently published on this library with over 1000 publishers. You can also sign up to become a publisher on the library.

Different categories of books are featured as shown below:

10. Get Free eBooks

Visit Free eBooks here. See more of 18-Best-sites-you-can-download-e-books-or-pdfs-for-FREE below

Get Free ebooks

Getfreebooks is a wonderful repository of free books. This is actually amazing having books across different categories including science fiction. Nevertheless, to get the books, you would have to sign up with an account as shown below:

11. Free Computer Books

Visit Free computer books here

Free Computer Books

Free computer books is an amazing online library. One most amazing things about this website are the high-quality content it has in areas of business and digital skill development. With this site, one could get good free pdfs to learn new skills to earn financially and otherwise. However you may have to sign up for an account to access the pdfs.

12. Essays

Visit Essays here


Books on Essays are also interesting, as they cover some ranges of topics. However, it is less simple as compared to other online libraries.

13. Sparknotes

Visit sparknotes


Sparknotes is an amazing online library that covers very wide range of categories of books of which both secondary school students can find their books here for studies.

14.  Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenburg

Click here to visit the site

Project Gutenberg is a digital library that provides free access to over 60,000 ebooks, primarily literature, that are in the public domain. Founded in 1971 by Michael S. Hart, it is one of the oldest and largest collections of free ebooks on the web, offering works in multiple formats such as EPUB, Kindle, HTML, and plain text. The ebooks are carefully proofread and formatted to ensure a high-quality reading experience. However, the format of books available makes it difficult to be downloaded, rather they are easily opened and read online. This might be a bit challenging for the people who may wish to have these books as pdfs saved on their devices.

15. Open Library

Open library: 18-Best-sites-you-can-download-e-books-or-pdfs-for-FREE

Click Here to visit the site

Open Library is a digital library and online catalogue that provides access to millions of free e-books and other digital resources. Operated by the Internet Archive, Open Library aims to make knowledge accessible to everyone, regardless of geographic or economic barriers. Users can search for and borrow ebooks, as well as contribute their own content to the collection. With a focus on public domain works and open-access resources, Open Library is a valuable tool for anyone looking to expand their reading options and access a wide variety of digital content.

16.  Free 


Click here to visit the site is a digital library that hosts an extensive collection of e-books across a wide range of genres. The website boasts a vast selection of books, including both classic and contemporary literature, self-help books, and many more categories. aims to provide a convenient and accessible way for readers to discover and explore new titles. The platform’s emphasis on ease of use and accessibility makes it a valuable resource for book lovers looking to access a variety of digital content for free.

17  Smashwords

Smashwords: 18-Best-sites-you-can-download-e-books-or-pdfs-for-FREE

Click here to visit the site

Smashwords is an online publishing platform that allows authors to publish and distribute their e-books. The site offers a wide range of books in various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and more. Smashwords’ publishing tools make it easy for authors to upload and format their books, and the platform offers a variety of distribution options, including selling books on Smashwords’ own store, as well as on major ebook retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books. With a focus on independent authors and a commitment to providing readers with a diverse selection of quality e-books, Smashwords is a valuable resource for both writers and readers alike.

Build your knowledge base. Download books, Read, Know and Share



PDFBooksWorld is a website that provides access to a vast collection of free eBooks in PDF format. It offers books in various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, academic, and technical books. The site is known for its easy-to-use interface and well-organized categories, making it easy for users to find their desired books.

PDFBooksWorld also allows users to download books without the need for registration, making it a convenient source for obtaining free eBooks. While the site’s collection may not be as extensive as other eBook sites, it still provides a significant number of quality eBooks for readers of all interests.


The 19 best sites to download e-books or pdfs for free as shown are highly valuable, especially to researchers, writers and students. All other categories of people equally benefit from these resources. These sites contain a wide range of books in various categories from academics, professional, fiction, life & nature, business, leadership and personal development

There are several ways to find free PDF books online, they include as below.

  • Open-access archives: Search for open-access archives that offer scholarly and academic texts, as well as classic literature and other works that have entered the public domain.
  • Online book clubs and forums: Join online book clubs and forums to connect with other readers and exchange recommendations.
  • Exploration: Explore new genres and authors to discover new titles and perspectives.

By utilizing these resources, you can access a wealth of free reading material and expand your literary horizons without spending a dime.

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